Are you currently having a hard time patching things up? And still worried about why these things are happening to you and how to get to the bottom of it. You are still confused and afraid that you might lose the relationship that you treasure the most sooner than you think. How depressing it is to see both of you getting hurt especially when you don’t know how to start reconciling. There are things that you need to consider, not just your emotional side but also your partner.

In order to avoid these kinds of situation, listed below are the things you that would possibly save your relationship.


Analyze and Identify

Take time to think about your situation and identify the cause of the problem. Recall the things that you might have done that contributed to the problem; learn how to accept your mistakes and face it. With these, discuss the issues with your partner and start solving it. Start the conversation in a calm way, and always keep in mind that arguing won’t solve any problem.

After analyzing contemplate on things that will help you get through all these things, identify the factors that needs to be changed and start a new relationship with your hubby.


Be Open

An open relationship where both of you doesn’t hesitate to share your feelings may it be good or not is one factor that strengthens the bond. Be open of sharing your thoughts and expectations to your partner and also consider his thought as important; listen and analyze the things that both of you should do to patch things up and learn from it.

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is; nobody is perfect. If you want to regain what was lost talk it through, accept every flaw that both of you have; and maybe it’s the only thing that is missing in your relationship.

love should not hurt

Don’t Sleep without Solving the Problem

Things has to fall in the right place at the right time but some problems can’t wait for tomorrow. What has to be solved should be resolved now, discuss it thoroughly and take time don’t bring the problem elsewhere or it will just fall on the list of things that are taken for granted.

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There are things that should be discussed and put into actions right away; keeping it buried in your heart will torture you and will make the relationship turn into something as cold as ice.


Take the First Step

In a relationship sometimes you have to make sacrifices and that includes your being “correct”. It’s like waving the white flag that indicates you are giving up and you are doing it for a cause to save the relationship from vanishing into thin air.

Start the first step and initiate the conversation in a manner that both of you could understand each other without ending the relationship bloody and unsettled. Giving way won’t hurt your pride when in the first place your aim is to save yourself from depression and your relationship from disappearing.