With the environmental changes that keep on occurring, it seems that fresh water sources are depleting but the demand for water supply kept on increasing as the population grows. With all the issues that humans are facing each day, it is no surprise that one of them is getting fresher water to consume.

Water is a crucial need that every human requires to have every day; it is something we need to survive. Getting lesser amounts of water every day or even just finding it hard to have a cleaner source of freshwater should be something we need to be worried of, just imagine the depletion as time passes. Despite the fact that the world is graced with 70% of water, only a few percentages of it are not salt water, so what should we do?


What is Water Desalination

Desalination of water means removing minerals from saline water. It is a process where salt water is desalinated to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption and for other uses that need fresh waters like an irrigation system.

Conversion of seawater into potable water is widely used around the world, it used to be the process uses reverse osmosis through thin film composite membrane. But due to modernization, there are already improvements in the process, more efficient membranes, pumps and pressure vessels, and energy recovery.

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How It Goes

The main process used in desalination is reverse osmosis.  The salty water is pushed against semi-permeable membranes in a continuous flowing manner. As the water permeates, most of the water impurities are removed so as the 99% of salt.

Looking at how the method has evolved through thorough studies, the problem of the sparse amount of potable water can be gradually solved through sea desalination. There are hundreds of water systems that produce cleaner and potable water for municipalities, business ventures, ships, and others just with the use of seawater desalination.

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Advantages of Using Saltwater Desalination

The method has existed for so long, it is already considered as proven and effective; as the modernization updates the process, the result of which is more potable water. There is also a wide range of water resource since the water to be used are sea and ocean waters, despite the drought, there would still be water supply ready for desalination and disinfecting; so there would be an unlimited supply of fresh water for consumption or for your crop’s growth. Since there are only limited fresh waters on Earth, it is best to preserve it in any way that we can, so it is such an advantage to have a system that would produce fresh waters without the need of using all the existing fresh water we have.