Letting go of someone you love is the hardest thing to imagine, what more if it is really happening to you?  What will you do to avoid yourself from getting hurt, when it’s the hardest way to move on. It happens when you already crossed the line of understanding things; when you already did everything to make things work but still nothing happen. Letting go is actually giving up the things or person you love, and doing it is the only way to make you feel better or make you a better person.

If you are stuck in a situation when things aren’t the same as before and you are in doubt if you are still in the right path to continue your relationship; here are some signs that you need to consider in order to know whether it’s worth another try or it’s time to finally bid goodbye.


Things Are Not The Same Anymore

Recall the times where you can still hear him say I love you and never get tired of doing it; then slowly everything changes and you can no longer hear it from him even you are together, this is a sign that there is something wrong.  When everything changes in front of you; the way he talks, he seldom wants to see you, or never say those sweet words. When you have done everything to bring back who he was before yet nothing happens then it might mean that he’s not having the same connection as you both did before.

If he still loves you he will never let the day pass without telling you how precious you are to him; and would not even make you doubt his loyalty and your relationship. Let go if there’s nothing to hold onto anymore.


 Picking Up the Broken Trust

It is no longer healthy if you are always doing the mending part of your relationship; this should be done together  and not by you alone. Breaking the trust that was once as solid as your relationship is a sign of infidelity, if he has done it once it still could be forgiven but if he does it several times then it’s a different thing.

Come to think of it, if you have done nothing to break his trust then why could he afford to ruin yours? In this situation he is no longer concerned of your feelings; he doesn’t care about you and what you are going to say because he keeps on doing it again and again. Don’t let yourself get used of this crap; it’s a total waste of your time.let go

You Force Yourself To Be Someone You’re Not

Just because you want to fit into his world you are sacrificing yourself, your worth, your identity and happiness. You are no longer who you are because you are afraid that he might leave you or might not accept you.

Love doesn’t make you a lesser person; it actually makes you a better one. If you have accepted him for whom he is, then why should he let you become who you are not? Give justice to yourself and let go of the things that will make you change the person you are; because in love, acceptance is one of the factor that makes a relationship stronger.

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Covering Up the Dirt

Convincing yourself that everything is fine and making excuses for his shortcomings is a sign that you are living in a relationship that is no longer working.

In the first place, why do you have to cover his own dirt when he can’t even do it for the sake of your relationship? You are the one who’s making up excuses for his mistakes and trying to convince yourself for something that is not physically, mentally, and emotionally there anymore. It is not working; let go.